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Re: Champlain

You are correct. You are really looking at the tail, sometimes the colors are very similar.

We defiantly got lucky. We were fishing in the same spots as many of the people from that site.

Re: Champlain

Nice fish! Be nice to have a place in NH to catch fish like that.

Re: Champlain

I have to know!! What speed were you trolling at.
Inland Sea locals always seem to pass me at double my trolling speed? But , I have always caught fish there.

Re: Champlain

trolled at 1.9-2.2. We were in 17-25 ft of water. Really different to be fishing that skinny water with the sun shining!!

Re: Champlain

A month from now I will be fishing that same water for smallmouth and pike. The salmon and browns will be back out in 80'-100' off the Cowbanks. Last year we picked up salmon in 15' of water north of Keeler Bay.
I think they were chasing insects. The bigger fish seem to stay down 30' in 80' of water.


Re: Champlain

15 feet of water? As I recall, we were chasing salmon up into less than 5 feet of water just like we'd seen on the flats in front of Ames farm last year! That change in pattern with the salmon might have popped up as a connection with the salmon numbers this year except for the fact that we were seeing the same thing with the Champlain salmon.

Congrats on some nice fish. It's also real nice to see the muskies show up once in a while too.