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Re: confused

my husband and I got married very young.we have 2 girls together and have been married 14 years.We've had our problems,but we've had good times too.Starting very early in our marriage my husband began leaving me and I woul take him back over and over,I dont have enough fingers AND toes to count the times.a year and a half ago he left and I busted him texting and talking to some girl,it had been going on 11/2 years!!I also discovered that he was a member of several dating web sites.He came back crying and begging forgiveness and I took him back.It was good at first and he really worked to earn my trust.after a while we fell back into a routine ith the kids and work.he's left me again,on labor day to be exact.he's already gotten an apartment and moved in and just like before he's on dating sites and talking to women which is funny because when he left he said he just wants to be "alone".we're getting divorce and i think he's been "talking" on dating sites all along.whats crazy is that even though he's done this to me sooo may times its still a shock and I'm devastated.once a cheat always a cheat.your husbands not sorry for what he did-he's sorry you busted him.get out now-he wont change,he'll just be smarter about it next time.