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Dear Dana, I know you are going to be OK. You have such a level head about you. I sometimes think God has put us all in these situations to actually save us. These men are flawed. They are selfish and hurtful and users and abusers. We are God's children and he doesn't want our lives which he has given us wasted in this way. I wish we could hear more from those who have gone through the storm and came out to calm seas and bright sunshine. I know they are many and they have so much better lives now than they did. When I was divorced the first time my grandmother told me that in five years I would look back and realize that this was the best thing that could of ever happened to me. She was right. Can you file just on behalf of yourself and leave him to clean up his own mess? You have every right to be angry. Look at this man. Who is going to clean up his next mess? He can run away but his life will catch up with him and it isn't going to be pretty! I also hope you have a wonderful time meeting new friends. Your daughter sounds lovely to go with you. My daughter is my best friend and has helped me alot through the hard times. You are in our thoughts and prayers.