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Re: Depression

How did you get through it. I am so sad. Just broken.

We went to therapy together, and separately. Nothing has changed. He agrees with therapist to things I have said to him for years and years and years but he would not listen to me. Suddenly the therapist says the same things I said and he magically understands.

That is just complete disregard and disrespect to me. His answer to everything is "we need to see the therapist". And then nothing changes once we leave the session.

I have no hope that he will improve.

Re: Depression

Hi Angie.
I’m lost as well. And my husband has a girlfriend, and we are separated only 6 months. Some part of me knows it was the best decision to file for divorce. The problem is the rest of me doesn’t want to believe it. I feel so sad. And so lost. And he is happy in his new relationship. Of course, a woman from his job. This is my first attempt to join a support group. I’m am looking into yoga. I’m exhausted. But I know someday I’ll find light at the end of this dark tunnel. I’m here to talk. Seems like we are in the same place.