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Re: Married young for almost 6 years,no kids or assets, I don’t want a divorce but he does

Thank you so much for your kind words, you made me cry a little. I know that you are right and having the support from you guys means the world to me. I’m currently in therapy and the only thing that’s really holding me back right now from moving on is that we have 2 dogs together that are basically our kids. We switch them every 2 weeks between houses but I’ve already blocked him on all social media and his whole family, put all my photos on a hard drive so I don’t see them on my phone and done a lot of stuff like that to start moving forward.

It feels so crushing when someone who wanted you so badly in the beginning and begged to date you gives up on you especially after making the vows. I think his family pushed him to be a much larger part of his Christian church and now that takes up the entirety of his time. I hate this :(