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Re: My sad story

I know how it feels to love someone so much that you convince yourself that all of the red flags are excusable… but really, all these red flags are clear signs that you need to run for the hills. Trust me, I’ve been there. Someone who truly loves you will be honest with you and won’t waste your time. And they certainly won’t cheat on you, especially not with some crazy excuse to try to justify it. You deserve to be valued, committed to, and treated with respect.

Also, thank you for sharing your story. It resonated with me because I know how it feels to get your hopes up about reviving your marriage just to find out your partner isn’t being as honest and genuine as you are.

I’m currently grieving the end of my marriage. I moved out last summer after constantly arguing with my husband and toxic in laws (we all lived together to save money — HORRIBLE decision!) to the point where it ruined my mental and physical health, and my daughter was overhearing fights to the point where she was constantly worried about me and sad that I was always crying because of her dad. That’s not the example I want to set for her, and I knew at that point that I needed to get out and show her the importance of standing up for yourself. My husband said he wanted a divorce after I moved out because he only valued me as his wife when I was under his roof and abiding by his/his family’s rules. I was devastated.

I didn’t go looking for love after getting dumped — I had actually sworn I’d never love again — but it found me anyway. I unexpectedly started dating someone new who genuinely loved me, cared about me, and treated me right. I was lucky. I hit the jackpot. But I still missed my husband. After bouncing back and forth between ignoring my existence and being downright mean to me, my husband found out that I had moved on and went absolutely crazy. Super territorial, and suddenly wanted to express how much he loved me and wanted me back. Still loving him, I fell for it. So I stupidly left my new partner to try and make my marriage work with my husband. I thought I was doing the right thing by making my marriage work.

Big mistake.

He rarely made time for me and never let me live dating someone else down. We were rarely intimate and he frequently stood me up on major holidays and personal events. I rarely got to see my daughter, and we fought constantly. I told myself to hold on to prove myself to him, as if this was some sort of test of loyalty. I was frequently accused of cheating and while other people wanted to date me and show me love, I rejected them all and stayed faithful to my husband. But it didn’t matter. Nothing I did was ever good enough, and no matter how much disrespect I tolerated, he just… wouldn’t make time for me or treat me right. The man had me wearing wedding rings and constantly defending him to my family and friends… meanwhile he refused to admit to his family that we were working things out and acted like a tough guy who didn’t care about me, under the guises of “privacy” and “protecting us.”

After 6 months of what I thought was reconciliation (but was really just him not wanting to see me move on and wanting a wife without putting in any commitment himself), my husband broke things off in a particularly cruel way this past weekend. After I tried to talk to him about my hurt feelings about yet another insanely cruel he did, he basically told me he isn’t even in our marriage anymore and didn’t care whether I stayed or left. After blowing up my phone, he announced that he was dropping out of my life for good, and then threatened to call the cops on me if I have any sort of contact with him… yet we’re supposed to be coparenting our 11 year old daughter (my step-daughter, but I’m the only mother figure she has and I love her as if she’s my own). How the hell am I supposed to coparent with someone I can’t even speak to? How can someone who claimed to love me, want me, and be my best friend tell me he loves me one day, and then drop out of my life less than 24 hours later? On top of this, despite telling me to “have a nice life” and never talk to him again, he keeps messaging me and leaving me angry voicemails… and he seems to get more and more angry the longer I don’t respond. So if I don’t respond because I was told I’ll have the cops called on me if I do, I’m the bad guy… but if I DO respond, I’ll end up in handcuffs? Even though he reached out to me first? It doesn’t make sense!

This is all a long-winded way of me saying that I, too, ignored a bunch of red flags, constantly gave my husband the benefit of the doubt, and leaned heavy on the fact that I believed so strongly that he loved me… just to end up in the ****tiest position of my life! I justified so much crappy behavior and now look at where I am! Alone, hurt, confused, scared, and unsure if I’ll ever get to see my kid again. Giving him the benefit of the doubt constantly only landed me in deeper hell than I was in the first time around. You can keep giving him second chances, but it will only land you in a worse position every time you forgive him. I hate being lonely, but I’d rather be alone than married to the wrong guy. I hope someday you feel the same way. Love and hugs to you!

Re: My sad story

Wow!!! What a jerk, I feel like I'm reading part of my story.

Re: My sad story

I'm in the same situation. I love my husband so much but I know this isn't healthy for me and our kids. I'm so confused! I keep asking música am I that stupid for still wanting our marriage and him