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Re: Does anyone else want to fall in love again

Absolutely feel you! I was married 18.5 years, no kids and housewife trophy wife deal. I greatly enjoyed taking care of him, my role as wife and activist.

Life changes. I have 2 Russian Toy dogs, I volunteer and I started back to finish my bachelor's degree. Partly my choices were due to my ex believing I didn't need college to get ahead and dogs required a lot of attention. He was correct about dogs, but they also fill the dopamine reward of care taker.

You definitely need to develop yourself and feel comfortable being alone, that doesn't mean your need to care for a man will simply go away, but it helps you appreciated yourself and your own special qualities.

I hike, go to museums and on mini trips to New towns just to see if I like activities. I determined I detest shopping, love watching movies alone and I don't like making elaborate meals for myself often. I miss chatting with someone at night and fixing a simple meal for him so I use my dogs and have eventually realizing I stopped bleeding those things and simply appreciate life more.

It's a balance. Therapy helps too. They're trained to ask questions and prove you, and help you discover your hidden personalities.

But yeah I want to fall in love again and this time be in a better relationship.