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Re: Saturday Squam report

triple D
Question The g2 planers if you run them off the downrigger. Do they run out to the side of the boat. Or do they just run straight back.

My boat is on the small side at 17.5 - they run about 45 degrees off the side, a little behind the back. My riggers are Walker Tournament series, about 2 feet in from the stern. I had the planers out as far as 30 feet with no trouble, even during a couple of pretty tight turns. They ran smooth from 15 feet out with no stalls or diving. I let them out by loosening the tension on the rigger, then snugging it back up when I got them where I wanted. Coming in was no problem just hitting the Up button. Was much simpler that I thought it was going to be, actually...

Re: Saturday Squam report

Thanks lefty.

Re: Saturday Squam report

Nice haul! Catching any salmon on Squam this year is an accomplishment.