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Re: Big Johns Report with Pic's

You're a good man John to do that for your mother-in-law. She sure doesn't look a day over 70, especially sporting those red finger nails!

Re: Big Johns Report with Pic's

She's very vain, for 95 (this September) she buys all those wrinkle creams on TV and ask "how do I look, are my wrinkles going away" ha,ha. She's in great health, just very not very steady on her legs.

Loves to fish, not at all like her daughter.

Big John

Re: Big Johns Report with Pic's

Think its really cool that you take the time to bring her out so often, and have the patience (endurance) to help her get 'em on the boat. She should be an inspiration for so many who are 10 or 20 yrs younger and sit home in a rocking chair, afraid to go out and live.

Also nice to see a fish boated in the afternoon...
Thanks for sharing!