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Re: skin lesions on salmon?

Bob F.
Hey John. Bummer about the digitrol but nice to have a good enough friend to lend you his rigger. How could i miss on sun. i just copyed the way you fish. Yes the g2 boards showed up for the weekend as promised, but all fish came off g2 stackers. Only had one cluster, Mother took a 129 degree turn- sank one of the boards which promptly crossed our stearn and managed to ensnare all lines, 20 min. with clippers and new leader etc. put all back to normal, after a calm and resonable discussion it was explained to me this was due to a shallow hump, not marked on chart and not the two young guys fishing shirtless in an open boat she seemed very intent upon. I believe her rendition. Her redemtion came around 10 when she put us onto a double , one being the 5 lber The garage sale trip ended up being a pilgramidge to North conway outlet shops, Mother being able to live line a visa card thru most of the stores. Look forward to fishing with you again the next time The Barge needs some extra ballast. Bob F.

Sending it out tomorrow back to Cannon, two week turn a round so it's a big favor Russ is doing for me. It was my lasp in judgment, now that I think about it, it was stupid to set it up that way, but I went for the optimum set up in lieu of the cost of a few lost streamers, live and learn.

Funny the way things go, we actually had a better bite off the G2 Balls on Sunday when the past few weeks the G2 Planer was HOT-HOT-HOT then the biggest fish of the weekend came off the Rod Pumper, only bite off it that day, I'll send you a photo ??????

Have fun the next two weekends at your camp, don't work too hard, I'll keep ya posted. Let me know when you get back and we'll get you out a few more times before the fat lady sings.

Big John