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Re: cut2spec

I run Paul's products religiously! Ski-Jiggers w/high speed blades at 3mph brought these beauties to my net...

Re: cut2spec

we have the skijiggers out all year as well and jims jiggers when the wind really picks up. i need to update my older skijigger for the updated version, the new ones dont dive like my old one. i really like his newer design, need to get one for the other side this winter/spring. how was the traffic on winni this year, sebago was a ghost town, was almost like it was my own lake this year

Re: cut2spec

W/Covid giving folks more free time, Winni was always busy. W/our crashed Landlocked Salmon program we were mostly fishing for 5 & 6 year old's (YO's). Of course this is great for catching trophy fish, but will be tough as next years fishery will be 6 YO's & 2 YO's. Our fish are being raised at the Nashua Federal Hatchery where controlled temp's are affording much larger 1 YO's to be stocked. I've heard rumors NH F&G are considering increasing amount of 1 YO's to be stocked next spring. After their Smelt survey they've said our Smelt are in excellent shape. My fingers are crossed. Capt. Bob