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Re: cut2spec

Capt. Bob
Fishlessman, Let\\\'s see some Sebago trophies, please.. open this website-


download image

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click post to website

paste image to your FLW message board post

I went Sebago couple weeks ago an wind kept me from fishing good spots. Caught several small Landlocks & Lakers (Touge).....
Love seeing the posts, Thanks!!
for whatever reason i have not been using the camera much this year, was a very slow start to the year. right now though if you see the diving gulls it gets crazy. this is what ive been seeing the past month or so. might have to open the link, i dont see how to post the pics here


Re: cut2spec

Ozzie put multiple 5lbers in his boat this year and really gave a lot of help getting the new fishjigger ready. Wait to you see the video. Maybe Ozzie can send you the YouTube link

Re: cut2spec

I run Paul's products religiously! Ski-Jiggers w/high speed blades at 3mph brought these beauties to my net...

Re: cut2spec

we have the skijiggers out all year as well and jims jiggers when the wind really picks up. i need to update my older skijigger for the updated version, the new ones dont dive like my old one. i really like his newer design, need to get one for the other side this winter/spring. how was the traffic on winni this year, sebago was a ghost town, was almost like it was my own lake this year

Re: cut2spec

W/Covid giving folks more free time, Winni was always busy. W/our crashed Landlocked Salmon program we were mostly fishing for 5 & 6 year old's (YO's). Of course this is great for catching trophy fish, but will be tough as next years fishery will be 6 YO's & 2 YO's. Our fish are being raised at the Nashua Federal Hatchery where controlled temp's are affording much larger 1 YO's to be stocked. I've heard rumors NH F&G are considering increasing amount of 1 YO's to be stocked next spring. After their Smelt survey they've said our Smelt are in excellent shape. My fingers are crossed. Capt. Bob