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Re: Something to be said about solitude and fishing.

I fish alone about as often as with someone else - with the [rice of gas and a near 80 mile drive to get to the lake I would love to hook up with someone. I pretty much prescribe to the Fishing way of life as ooposed to the Catching way of life, at least most days. I have never had a day on the wtaer that I didn't enjoy. I am 51, non smoke, non drinker, but may shoot imaginary guns at the ducks and geese as they fly over. Oh yeah, I giggle and holler when I get a good fish on. Put me on the list AJ!
Throbbin Rods

Re: Re: Something to be said about solitude and fishing.

Don't feel bad throbbin rods, A usual trip down to winni with the price of gas now ends up costing just around 60-100$ Me and my buddy Robert always go 1/2 on the gas, other then that the boat would probably be sitting there LOL, but as bad as i have salmon fever this year i probably would've taken a loan out just for money to go fishing LOL Where ya coming from? we come from way up thar in Berlin N H Take Care God Bless and Tight Lines Dave!!

Re: Re: Re: Something to be said about solitude and fishing.

I'm in. I have a 16.5 Sea Nymph with a 15HP Johnson that trolls down real slow.I am always looking for someone to go with. I have a place in Ossipee and it's only a 1/2 hour to Wolfeboro for me. I take out the center seat and put a nice Adirondack chair facing the back, so it's pretty comfortable. Next time I go, I will let you guys know.Anyone is welcome.