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Re: New Boat advice

Go for it! If you ever have a problem with the motor put an e-tec on it. You'll be good for life.
Just my 2 cents.


Re: New Boat advice

i own a 19 footer with the cabin, the only one they ever made that size with the roof and cabin. the 22 is my dream boat, wider, and even more working room than their 24 foot model and the 22 has a deeper keel making it more stable than their other sized boats. ive had mine since about 92, paid 10500 for the boat and changed the engine a year later for 5600, last year brought the boat to their facility and changed the floor to their new rotproof composite for another 4 grand with new tank, hoses and lines, bigger pump. boat was appraised at 22000, they really hold their value well. these are really great boats, the only thing i like better with the 24 is its got nicer lines, i would stilll rather have the extra deck space with the 22. my 19 fishes 10 lines fairly well and its really easy to mount things, they made this boat for commercial use so there isnt much fluff like vinyl to crach or plastic to break etc.
heres mine after getting the new floor, the old one was plywood and wooden studds, the newer ones are a solid composite with foam filled composite stringers, should last along time. the freboard in the back of my boat is really low, they dont make them that low anymore which was a good idea on there part, little unnerving shark fishing out 30 miles with that low section and the wind picking up :) i fabbed up some stainless risers to fill in those corners

Re: New Boat advice

We are doing it!!! thanks everyone. Called the woman today to firm up everything, of course I get voice mail. UUUUUUGG!! merry Christmas kids, Santa might be bringing me a new boat, for all of us of course. I'll keep you posted on this endeavor.


Re: New Boat advice

you will love the boat, good fishing platform and its nice to cruise in, a bunch of stackable chairs and you easily change the layout.

Re: New Boat advice

Mike, Still looking good. Maybe we (bring your Dad)can hook up for lunch some day over the cold months, brrrr.

Big John

PS: Boat stayed a float all year, thanks.

Re: New Boat advice

repaired another one later this summer, it had no drainplugs, tried to talk the guy into adding some but he didnt think it necessary. bet he comes back in the spring