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Re: derby 2

You just don't get it Dave so here it is in simple terms, we are all to blame. Now let's fix it. How's that

Re: derby 2

Thats a little better, but I'm not so sure we are "all" to blame???????? And I'm not trying to be a jerk, but your first post was totally unprofessional (if you are a guide) and very uncalled for. But I do agree that it is going to take "ALL" of us to help fix the problem. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: derby 2

first off. as i said before i dont claim to have the answers to fix the problem?these are just my opinion..

kerstan i have to disagree with you.the info offered on this site.did nothing to help or encourage the state that the fishery is now in.this site in my understanding is to help our fellow fisherman become just that better fisherman.

yes some of us do share what lures are hot and what speed to run them at.
water temp and fish depth.but these are things we share on this site this is why many of us come to this site.i have seen many good things from this site.
i have seen many people come on this site that do not have a clue how to fish for salmon?

the future of our sport depends on these new comers.wether it be a youngster or an adult.it is our responsability as stewarts of this great sport to help future genarations become involved in it?

not for just another fisherman/fisherwomen.but also another licence to be sold to help pay for the fishery we all love so much..

i have and always will be more than willing to help a fellow fisherman/women catch fish.and if that means to give the info stated above to make sure these people with less experiance have a good day fishing.
than thats what i will do and suspect and hope all others from this site will do.

next.i have fished with many of the great guys on this site.first i want to thank all of you for having me aboard you vessels.i have fished with big john with six rods out.fished for ten hours and caught nothing?

i do not agree with less lines.the data is just not there to say anything different.and it would be unfair to the single fisherman out there.

next:a salmon stamp.i would be more than willing to pay for this stamp.if i was assured that the funds would go to the salmon.i question this???

next:forage i do not think there is enough??yes there are many salmon.ive caught many 21-24 long this past season.length was not the problem nor was hook wounds all of these fish where in great shape except for weight.
so that leads me to beleive there not getting enough food.is it all the rainbows i dont know.but i caught the most rainbows in a single season than ever before on winni?and all of them long and real fat.

as i said these are just my opinions and thoughts.

in times of need many suggestions are offered.some good some bad?but let us be carefull what we bring to the table?
some things offered in the heat of the moment sound good.but once in place.the temporary soon become permanent..ie: single lines-salmon stamp-derby...
we all need to work together to fix this problem????? thanks joe s.....

Re: derby 2

Kersten's comments were brutal and unfair. Now she's backpedaling and saying it's everyone's fault. Maybe she should be baking a cake somewhere instead of going directly at the guides. (I know it's a guy)LOL

Everything is cyclical on this earth. I, personally, think the smelt are in a downward cycle for whatever the reason. Smelt are extremely difficult to forecast how well they are doing. They have completely disappeared from some bodies of water and F&G have no idea why. Bow Lake is a good example. In the 60s and early 70s there was a brook I know of that would be black with smelt at night and completely white with eggs the next day when the spawn was on. Now there are none in the lake. That lake used to be a good laker and salmon lake.Not anymore.

The Winni salmon are gorging themselves with white perch. They would be filled with smelt if the smelt were doing well. That's a big lake. Do you really think that F&G have a grasp on how well the smelt are doing considering the lack of funding they have experienced over the past few years.

We've had some very good years as a direct result of Fish and Games' managing the situation. Now they having to come up with some ideas to get it back to where it was. They'll do it. It may take some time, but they'll get it done.

Matty(Hooked on Salmon) Travis(Cool Water Charters) Adrien Lavoie, Jason Parent, Salmonitis(AJ White) are all in this together. They may be taking a good number of fish, but the fact remains that the fish that aren't hook-wounded are thin and small as well.

Re: derby 2

I'm not back peddling at all and maybe you should get your facts straight you shouldn't assume ones gender from a name as far as making a cake I'm man enough to do it right after o change my oil or skin a deer.

Re: derby 2

The name calling,blame placing and finger pointing isn't going to fix anything.BARRY

Re: derby 2

If you didn't get your panties in a bunch after reading my first sentence and read one more sentence , you would have realized I was joking. Backpedaling is exactly what you're doing

Re: derby 2

When I first heard the news friday i was so upset i also wanted to just throw random blame around. and the Guides who run this site are an easy target. I am 44, have had a summer house on this lake since the day i worn born and have been trolling for salmon since i was about 2 years old. I had been lucky enough to stumble onto this site the same year it started, cant recall exactly when, but I am pretty sure it was 1999 or year 2000. so I have been reading about 20-30 fish catches by these kids for a decade now. I can only seem to catch 5-6 on a good day.?? So last May, i bit the bullet and chartered Cool Water. Funny thing was we only caught 5 or 6 that day as well. However what stands out at me is how he does give a hoot about it all, we released all our fish, he handles them with care, zero hook wounds! If the other guides can handle the fish like he does, then these folks catching huge numbers is not the problem. and this site is not the problem. I read the derby averages 2000 people every year and that seems right. well this site does not have 2000 individual followers, at least i dont think it does? maybe the problem is not with the salmon fisherman who use this site, maybe the problem lies with the hundreds that have not found this site yet and are out there carelessly destroying the fishes mouth's.

2 Quick changes that can happen and not "shut" anyone down would be Mandate Rubber Nets, and all lures can only be single barbless hook (like a streamer fly hook). This would severly cut wounds down!

Lastly, withing my group, we all spoke alot this weekend. we will miss the derby (we believe it is gone for ever) but ultimately we enjoy our "guys salmon fishing weekend" and we see no reason to cancel that special tradition. Our competitive nature along with the derby prizes sure helped us get up at 330 am for 3 days in a row, but now maybe we sleep till 5 and head out at 6! The $30 entry fee per 10 guys, well we will dump that into the local economy anyhow, probably at the wolves tavern!

Dont quit fishing over the derby being cancelled!

Re: derby 2

Mike Thank You!

Cool Water

Re: derby 2

I liked your post Sculpin. And yes don't quit fishing because the derby has been canceled. I'll start off by saying, like most everyone else has stated, that I am not a biologist nor a fishing expert (if there is such a thing)however I will start by saying that each hole that I have looked in this winter has been full of smelt. I hear reports from others I know in the Wolfeboro area tht they are marking lots of bait with depthfinders and viewing them on their underwater cameras. In the open water huge bait schools appeared to be evident. Not sure if the number of bait is an issue. I've heard and read about the fact that rainbow trout are very opportunisitic feeders and that most of mine are caught on plastic crappie tubes. In fact last year during the derby I fished equal numbers of smelt, shiners and worms in the same area and had 0 flags with the smelt, 6 with a shiner and 2 with a worm. I don't perceive rainbow trout as smelt seekers but rather as buffet feeders.
I would hate it if the law stated we could only use 1 line per person since I ordinarily fish alone.
I do like all the dialogue that is occurring but certainly the name calling and mud slinging is really unnecessary.
The lake is only so big and as fishing pressure increases and with that the number of fishing trips calculated per day, it's inevitable that our fishery will take a hit. Perhaps a shorter season to give the fish time recover and not endure the onslaught of boats with lines coming out of their ears would do this fishery a world of good. My 2 cents at this time but certainly all of your conservation suggestions are spot on. I use a rubber net and am in the process of changing my trebles over to single, barbless hooks. Take care everyone and keep the dialogue going!


Re: derby 2

Somehow I guess that I am glad I was out of state when this story broke! This has been probably the one yearly activity I have ever taken part of, so the loss is huge for me.

As to name calling, mud slinging and blame. It is the American way to find someone to blame, someone's head to roll when a problem occurs. Painful but true. From my perspective, as long as you are busy blaming and finding fault, you aren't being busy being part of the solution. What a shame. Such a beautiful, fun and life rejuvenating and life affirming activity to sink to this level.

For my part, I believe that NH F&G are responsible for having provided us with the very best fishing conditions in our region over many years, bringing back a fishery that was clearly declining. Our guides have been responsible and ethical role models and leaders. Not destroying their own livelihood seems to make some kind of sense.... I was there when John V answered affirmatively that F&G see's the website as positive only, not negative.

I can only thank this website for information. Not sharing information seems to remind me far too much of the controlling, dictatorships of the past, like the third Reich, some churchs (that I am not going to name or blame) and general ignorance.

Lets all be part of the solution. Tight lines all!