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Re: derby 2

Somehow I guess that I am glad I was out of state when this story broke! This has been probably the one yearly activity I have ever taken part of, so the loss is huge for me.

As to name calling, mud slinging and blame. It is the American way to find someone to blame, someone's head to roll when a problem occurs. Painful but true. From my perspective, as long as you are busy blaming and finding fault, you aren't being busy being part of the solution. What a shame. Such a beautiful, fun and life rejuvenating and life affirming activity to sink to this level.

For my part, I believe that NH F&G are responsible for having provided us with the very best fishing conditions in our region over many years, bringing back a fishery that was clearly declining. Our guides have been responsible and ethical role models and leaders. Not destroying their own livelihood seems to make some kind of sense.... I was there when John V answered affirmatively that F&G see's the website as positive only, not negative.

I can only thank this website for information. Not sharing information seems to remind me far too much of the controlling, dictatorships of the past, like the third Reich, some churchs (that I am not going to name or blame) and general ignorance.

Lets all be part of the solution. Tight lines all!