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Re: I miss the Guides reports, LOL

Wow Can not beleive this CRAP is starting again, For one, unless you've been out with some of the guides from this site, I wouldn't knock em, and throw all the blame on them. The blame lies on each and every one of us, regardless of how careful we are we all know that every now and then no matter how hard we try there are going to be injured fish once and awhile. Let's remember what this site was and can still be, you guys keep bashing all the guides etc... this site will probably be gone, I know for one I would hate to see that happen. I've been out with almost every guide on this site except for a couple of them, and no matter how much I tried to learn from each of them, I still can't buy a goshdarn fish on winni to save my life. I can throw the same lure/fly/smelt etc... troll the same exact speed, same depths etc... etc... etc.... (have even followed one of the boats around almost on his back door for 4 hours) and still can't catch or have a day where I catch more then 3 fish. Have I learned alot from this site????? Uhhhhhhhh Yeah we all have regardless of what you say or how long you've been fishing, But I didn't learn it all from the guides, trial and error, talking to complete strangers, being invited onto other peoples boats (even though they may not have known me from a hole in the wall), And I hate to say it Mr. Baker, but during last years derby you even invited me down to your cabin at Ame's Farm to learn how to sew smelt to hopefully improve my chances using live bait. (Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to your cabin that weekend) But If I started catching HUGE numbers of fish because of the technique you were going to show me first hand, would that make you the guilty party (sort of like you mention a guide per se in your article?) in helping me to catch more fish????????? Even though I don't agree with what I heard you wrote in Hawkeye, I wouldn't judge you for teaching me the technique? I would say THANK YOU for being a fellow sportsman and helping me to learn something new that I did not know previously. Let's remember people (sorry this is the teacher in me coming out) " No matter how old you are or how young you are, we are all "LIFELONG LEARNERS" there is always something new and exciting for us to learn, we don't stop learning till the day we die, and for all we know we continue learning after that as well. Let's all stop the bickering/name calling/blame placing and all stick together to build the fishery back up to what it once was and can still be. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave (who also misses the guide reports, but completely understands why I am not seeing the reports and can honestly say I don't blame them in the least) May you all have tight lines and Good Safe Fishing

Re: I miss the Guides reports, LOL

Thanks Dave,
Sorry I missed you last May. I think the improved shiner technique would be super at the lake in Maine.

I went over my Hawkeye story and it doesn't blame Guides. It blames all of us and points a direction for a long term cure.

I notice that Travis "Cool Water Charter" has a sticky for Discount Specials this month. I will fish the first week of May out of my own boat but I have offered to pay Travis for a couple of days to take my family fishing in July. My post asks that you consider helping out the Travis and the Winni Guides by taking advantage of there service. It seems as if I'm the only one who did so far!!

Let's get back to fishing and doing our best to make this the super fishery that it was a few years ago!!