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Re: Planer Mast

The higher the better so the release will slide out easier.
Cal P.

Re: Planer Mast

You want planar mast mounted as high as you can thus the "otter boats" will be out to the sides and tow line will be high with releases sliding down it.
My Big Jon mast is mounted on my bow, so I have to reach up with outstretched arm to grap tow line an pull it down to hook on the release rod line. Take a look at Big Jon web site they have a picture of best mounting locations. One other thing... it takes a while to get used to fishing with "otter boats" but once you get the hang of it they are awesome !!!

Re: Planer Mast

Thanks Guy's!

The Big Jons site was a good help! Never saw that before when I visited there.

Another question...when using lead core off your planers do you pinch release on your lead core or do you set up your reels with a certain number of colors then back it with mono for pinching? If using mono as a backer, do you barrel swivel line together or simply tie it? My reels are all level wind line counters so the less interruption in the line the better I would think. I suppose a #14 or #12 barrel is just as small as a knot though...

Sorry for all the questions it's just all new to me and I want to do it right.

I have a place on Welch island so with an early ice out I may have time to get this set up before opening day!!

Thanks again!


Re: Planer Mast

The best setup is to have rods set up with "in-line" leadcore. The way I set mine up is 10 lb mono backing to a very small swivel to 1, 2, or 3 colors of leadcore to a small swivel then the leader of your choice. If you set up your in line leadcore lines like this they slide down the planar lines very easily. You can run a regular leadcore line off of the planar also. I have also done this many times. It just doesn't go out as far or as easily. You can easily run 2 leadcore lines off each planar line.

Re: Planer Mast

Best way is 50'leader - lead core line (2,3,or how many colors u want) - colored dacron backing(use 20/30lb test,it's easy to see and release slides great).. but use backing as release slides down further, using straight lead core is to heavy causing "bow" and release won't slide as far out away from boat.
I connect with albright knots. I don't like using mono backing as you need to watch tow line/release other thing, I mostly only fish otter boat out of the left (port) side of boat because more relaxing with no neck turning back an forth,also easier to run only 1 otter boat but alot run 2 otter boats which might be o.k. if you have another person helping u.....

Re: Planer Mast

Thanks for the help guys!

Is there any problem with running 50 feet or so of straight 6 lb. Seaguar leader from the lead to the lure or should I taper down like 50' of 8 lb flouro to 6 or so feet of 6 lb Seaguar tied to the lure?



Re: Planer Mast

I usually run a 50' +/- 8 lb trilene monofilament leader to a small swivel to a 8-10 foot section of 8 lb. flouro leader to a small dual snap to a lure.

Re: Planer Mast

Thanks fishrman! Can you tell me what benefit that has over simply running a 50' straight run of Flouro from the lead to the lure?? Is it for line twisting purposes??



Re: Planer Mast

Flourocarbon is real expensive. I am cheap. Monofilament is cheap. Thats why I run it. I catch my fair share of fish so I personally don't think it makes a difference.

Re: Planer Mast

Thanks FishRman!

Thanks to everyone who responded! Looking forward to setting up this planer board system and giving it a whirl! Pieces have started arriving yesterday!

Come on ice out!!!


Re: Planer Mast

Hi Dan,

Let me start with I'm no expert. But I have had the good fortune to fish with a few.

I have rigged my lead core lines with 10# mono backing but plan on using fly line backing (thin dacron) this year. I attach the backing to # 10 Spro swivels. They are rated for 35# and are high quality. You can see them here.

I pull back the dacron backing about 4-5" and remove the lead from inside the lead core then tie the dacron coating directly to the swivel. I then do the same on the other end which then is attached to another swivel that connects to the 50-70' of 8# mono. I then use yet another swivel to attach the 10' of 4-6# fluro which I tie directly to the lure.

These swivels are tiny and will go easily through the guides.

I am in the same boat. Ha! Ha! As I am going to be installing a Riviera Mast on my boat which I have some questions about but will post a new topic as I don't want to hijack yours.

FWIW, You may want to search the archives for leadcore and trolling masts for some ideas.

Good luck,