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friday report

Went out this morning from Alton Bay. Took my wife, it was her first time salmon fishing.

We managed to land 4 salmon (all fat and healthy!) and miss a couple others. She got to fight a real nice rainbow only to pull the hook about 25' from the boat. The rainbow laid on the top for a bit and the eagle was looking to pick up his breakfast. The rainbow came around in the nick of time and headed for deeper water. The eagle banged a u turn and went back to his tree....she thought was cool!

All the fish this year seem to be really healthy...nice and fat with some good girth. Marking a lot of baitfish!

All our action was on the riggers 30-45' all before 8am. We went to break fast from 8:30- 930, fished till 11:30 with just a couple of releases.

No pattern as far as lure colors, each fish was caught on a different lure and color.

good luck

Re: friday report

nice report. Glad you had a good time with the better half and glad she enjoyed herself. Thanks for sharing.

Re: friday report

That's great! You might have a new fishing partner.


Re: friday report

Charlie's Catch
That's great! You might have a new fishing partner.


yup....looks that way, getting her and my 2 kids out this coming Sat at 4am!!

I hope the fish cooperate!

Re: friday report

I think you should just drive the boat and let Lucas man the lines. you'll probably have a more productive day. Just Sayin......... Good luck out there and have fun.

Re: friday report

Haha....will be interesting with 8 lines out!!!

Did it a few weeks ago with a 16, 11 and 8 year old on the boat, got a little hectic at times!!