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Re: Mixed lake Trout..Derby

They were never eligible for the grand prize in the lake trout division… Now they will be if you pay the same as an adult

Re: Mixed lake Trout..Derby

Not true Ozzy,
3 years ago Juniors WERE eligible to win the grand prize for Lakers. They changed it the year my son was leading.....UNFORTUNATELY for them, they printed 2 sets of rules. 1 set that had the old eligibility and 1 set that had the new rule.....they were forced to make a ruling which allowed him to win had he held up, he ended up 3rd. This "New Category" is now in place because of that Derby and my sons situation.

Re: Mixed lake Trout..Derby

Sorry about that......I kinda now remember hearing about that situation with your son. I've always fished for salmon not lakers and the last time a junior was in the boat, it was me 23 years ago. I should read the rules again. I started taking my daughter last year and she's 10 now. It sucks that they have changed the rules that were put in place by the founder Rick Davis.