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Meredith Bay Report

Here for the week. Fished Sunday morning alone. 5 Lakers and 2 Salmon. Lakers to 20" and Salmon only to 19". Managed to boat two double hookups alone so was more than happy with that. Lost 3 Salmon and one laker at the boat so I was very busy for the 2 1/2 hours I fished. Monday, just as hot. 3 Salmon and a laker. Biggest Salmon, 21". Lost 3 at the net. All before breakfast at 8:30. Wednesday same deal except I had "help" and lost more fish than boated. 2 Salmon to 21" and 2 lakers. My "help" lost 5 fish at the boat. Again all before heading for breakfast at 8:30. Wednesday big change. Not a hit in the early morning. Caught 2 small lakers way down in the bay just before noon. Riggers at 30 to 40 over 60 FOW and 5 colors of micro lead the previous days. Fishhawk temp from the rigger ball was 54 degrees and lure speed about 1.5 mph. Orange and purple are the dominant colors along with a white perch fly.

Three more days to go...

Re: Meredith Bay Report

Thanks for the report, glad there was no fin clip info don't know if I could stand another Forry rant!!!

Re: Meredith Bay Report

Why you pickin on Me? I have been really good(for Me)LOL. I am biting my tongue on that post. Barry you trouble maker you.

Re: Meredith Bay Report

forry, keep up the good work, this forum has been getting much too lame lately.

Re: Meredith Bay Report

Update... Wednesday and Thursday were slow. Two Salmon, 2 Lakers and a Rainbow. Changed presentations a lot but the bite was just not happening when I was on the water. It was totally opposite this morning before the rain. Fish stacked up in 80 to 100 FOW from 50 to 90 ft. Boated 7 Salmon to 22.5", 2 Lakers and a Bow. All on riggers over blades set at 35 and 45. Dark colors dominated. Purple/black with chrome back and purple/dark orange hammered with silver spotted back. Lure temp and speed was about 53 degrees and 1.7 mph. Bite stopped as soon as it started pouring. Today's action was all off Sachem cove.