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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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8/17- 8/18 report

Fished 5:15am . A few 17-18 salmon. 30 feet on riggers and 6 colors. Bite was over by 7:30. 8 fish total. My buddy got his personal best and about 4 lbs then bested that with a 24 inch brute. Probably 5 1/2 lbs.

This morning I was solo and on the water at 4:45. Landed 5 real nice salmon. Weighed a bleeder and kept it for the grille. Weighed 3.5 lbs and the other four were about the same size. Marked continuous fish in 50-60 feet over 80-100. Couldn't get them to hit. Raised my rigger to 30 feet and had steady action til it poured. Funny how you rely on electronics and it bites you in the butt. I wasted the first 2 hours not getting a hit because I set the rigger at 45-55 feet due to the sonar showing them that deep. DB smelt were hot. So much for matching the YOY baitfish. Gotta adjust sometimes. Matty from Hooked On Salmon ties me some real nice tandems that did well also.

Re: 8/17- 8/18 report

You are into the fish for sure Joe, good to hear!

Your buddy had a good day too!