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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Sorry Forry for not posting a lot. My full-time NH state job and chartering's like a full-time job. Salmon fishing's great on Winni. Over 12 in the net on this mornings charter, 5:30am - 9:45am, then back to dock to fillet. Dad, Mom & daughter kept 3. 6 YO & 2 2YO's. 6YO was 5 1/2lbs. Can't post pics here :-( Gotta find a new way. You know I love posting pics. They released another 5 lber!!!

All my fish are being caught 27' - 35' depending on daylight. 63 degrees at 40' down ;-) Get out there and get some. 3YO's & 4YO's are just about nonexistent ;-( But them 2YO's are fat and full of fight. You can see some good pics on my FB page, Robert Wyatt and Wyatt's Flys charter page. Some one help me w/posting pics on here please. Photo bucket doesn't work anymore ;-( Capt. Bobby

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Zwiggles did a post a couple of threads down. Follow his instructions, it works. I had pics lined up to post, previewed it and they were there. Igmur i believe is the host he used

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If you want to send me the pics I can post em if you'd like. If not ilucas is right about imgur, and the instructions a few threads back under "photo test".

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only been out a few times this year on Sebago haven't caught a sal over 16 in this summer and the touge bite has been off as well cant get the boat to troll down under 2 miles this year maybe I should bring out a set a buckets next trip out been running hardware and flies live bait didn't do much for me this tear I didn't by my nh license this year had to cut some cost I missed the weekend stay on Winnie for the derby this year