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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Tonight I caught what I though was a very nice salmon but it turned out to be a white and much heavier meat and after doing some research I believe it was a whitefish. I have never caught anything like this before. It really looked like a salmon! I read that they are good to eat but not sure how it should be cooked. Any insight would be appreciated!

Re: Whitefish

I haven't cooked or eaten one, but t is supposed to be a very high quality meat. Looking online fried fish cakes, or the typical lemon & butter looks good. I havr had whitefish fish cakes before which were great, but I believe it's a different fish.

Any pics of the fish? They are a white whale on winni from what everyone says. Pretty cool either way.

Re: Whitefish

Would love to see a pic ;-) Capt. Bobby

Re: Whitefish