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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Angler's

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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Winni this morning

Final Salmon charter this morning. Did a bachelor party trip with Hooked on salmon. We found some biters on flys on the down riggers & lead lines 30'-35' down. Some biting hard, others just picking. Once the boys got the hang of it we landed several. They were a conservative group and killed a few for the grill. One nice White Perch also. Capt. Bobby

Re: Winni this morning

looks like a good trip bobby. were you in the weirs area, black lund?

Re: Winni this morning

Sounds like a nice way to wrap up the season!

Re: Winni this morning

Weirs, Blue Lund Sport Angler 1800. Had a couple big boys on, just couldn't get them near the net before hook shook :-(

Re: Winni this morning

yeah that was probably you then. big white decal on the sides?