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Cant catch a cold! help!!

Hey folks,

So I realize that this is primarily dedicated to Winni but am in desperate need of advice/wisdom. I fish Newfound 2-4 times a week and have done pretty well in years past with a typical catch consisting of several lakers, one or two rainbows, and an occasional salmon. I have now been out 8 times this year and only have 2 lakers to show for it. I've tried everything under the sun... singles, tandems, smelt, shiners, metal,..... off flat lines, riggers, jig box, and lead. from the surface down to 30'. 10-100+ FOW. 0.6mph-2.4mph. fished the entire lake and focused on warmer areas (highest I've marked is 50.6 so far) Ive searched this forum to read all the previous Newfound related discussions and just can't seem to catch a fish if my life depended on it.

aside from fishing a lake that actually has fish in it, I would absolutely love any advice you guys can give me as i'm completely out of ideas. Thanks a lot and best of luck to those who are fishing the derby this weekend.

Re: Cant catch a cold! help!!

I haven't been on it yet this year find the depth the fish are at and keep at it and as soon as I get over there I'll post results or lack of.

Re: Cant catch a cold! help!!

sounds like my attempt fishing the derby with only three small lakers caught!