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Re: Fishing reports

fished saturday 6/1 from 6 to 1030. only managed one little smallmouth, and he was a dragger on the downrigger. didn't even get to see a rod go off. not one salmon, bow or laker. tried multiple colors of flies and hardware, fished from 5 ft down to 25 and everything in between. i fished saunders, lockes, gov, and the weirs. nada.
I feel like with this odd “spring” we have had the fishing is going to be tough until we get some heat to concentrate the fish.

What where you seeing for water temps up there?

Re: Fishing reports

55-ish surface temp everywhere i went. i didn't use my fish hawk though, probably should have.

Re: Fishing reports

Thanks bowhunter for the intel.

I was out today and saw a lot of 65 degree water, and down to 60.